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The Court of Lazarus proudly supports the Pax Vampyri and upholds the Black Trinity.

The Order of The Black Marble is dedicated to maintaining peaceful relations (The Pax Vampyri) between all Vampiric Courts, Communities, Churches and Societies.
The Order is governed by three covenants, called The Black Trinity.
  1. Recognize and respect all Vampire Courts, Communities, Churches and Societies.
  2. Resolve rather than create conflict.
  3. Revel in our shared heritage.
Membership in The Order of The Black Marble is conditional on one thing alone: Honor The Black Trinity, both in word and in deed. Members are welcomed to The Order by invitation only.

The Pax Vampyri
- The Seven Blood Covenants -
I. Vows - The First Covenant
Vows and Oaths are what bind us. Do not take one unless you understand the commitment involved.
Give due respect to your own- and to those of all other nocturnal communities.
Without Vows and Oaths, we are pretenders.
II. Aesthetics - The Second Covenant
Aesthetics are the black fabric of our world. Freely acknowledge and celebrate the dark beauty found
in the realm of the senses. These things help identify us and draw us to one another.
Without Aesthetics, we are desolate.
III. Maturity - The Third Covenant
Maturity is what proves that we are ready. Always carry yourself with dignity and act with intelligence.
Rash acts bring undue attention to our community, and that we cannot allow.
Without Maturity, we are children.
IV. Pride - The Fourth Covenant
Pride is how we show our strength. Never be ashamed of who and what you are. Our world is not
for the timid, but temper your Pride by knowing when and where to reveal your true colors.
Without Pride, we are faceless.
V. Yearning - The Fifth Covenant
Yearning is what sets us apart. Understand the depth and breadth of your hunger, and treat it with
reverence. Limit your needs only with a sincere recognition of the boundaries of others.
Without Yearning, we are empty.
VI. Respect - The Sixth Covenant
Respect is the heart of our world. Show Respect to every member of your community, regardless
of rank. Offer Respect and hospitality to guests and members of other communities.
Without Respect, we are unworthy.
VII. Immortality - The Seventh Covenant
Immortality is the dream of our kind, but the only thing that truly lives forever are Ideals. Always stand
by your principles, your kind and your culture. With this dedication, we defy death.
Without Immortality, we are finite.